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Berrien Metal Products, Inc.

ISO 9001:2008


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Five Departments of Stainless Steel Fabricating:

We are all about metal products! We manufacture steel & stainless steel products, aluminum and copper products. We fabricate sheet metal, tanks, coils, and tubing. We've been quoting large and small manufacturing jobs for over 25 years.


As a fabricating facility berrien metal products facility closeup with five sectors of service, Berrien Metal Products, Inc. specializes in both short and long run jobs involving the prototyping and manufacturing of:

Sheet Metal Fabrications,

Tanks & Pressure Tanks,

Metal Tubing Coils,

Metal Stampings, and

Tube Bending Fabrications

These services share many processes, including shearing, CNC stamping, forming, welding, painting, ecoat, or epoxy upon request. Berrien Metal Products, Inc. is now a member of the Copper Tube Coils Group. top

Extensive Fabrication Capabilities:

Full metal fabrication service capabilities are available for your use, including 4000 Watt CNC laser cutting, five punch presses ranging in size from 45 tons to 60 tons, a 33 ton CNC Wiedematic punching machine, a 10' Cincinnati Shear, several welding stations, four press brakes up to 75 tons, and so on, equipping us to produce a broad range of metal products. top

Your One-Stop Metal Shop:

With over 46,000 square feet, berrien metal products, inc facility closeup your blueprint can be taken into full-fledged production into the tens of thousands of parts per month, in an efficient, competitive, and timely manner (expedites and prototypes available also). Your parts can be delivered immediately or on a monthly basis as you need them to reduce your stock and warehousing costs. Some customers have utilized our services for over ten years. top

Prototyping for Your Sensitive Projects:

As a registered federal government contractor, you can trust BMP to deliver your custom metal fabrications professionally and confidentially. Your sheet metal fabrication prototypes can be delivered for almost any industry utilizing metal 1/4" thick or less. Your humble engineers at BMP are prepared to deliver your next generation of weapons designs and retrofits.


For information about the metal fabricating processes & materials available for prototyping, see the processes & materials table. top

Long Run Deliveries

Get Your Competitive Edge

Personal Customer Service


Quality Management: ISO 9001 Certified

Get Your Competitive Edge:

Current and past customers of Berrien Metal Products' Steel & Stainless Steel Fabrication services include NASA, Lockheed Martin, ExxonMobil, Westinghouse, GE, AIRGAS, the EPA, the US NAVY, Red Bull, WEDI, and dozens of other top name companies and agencies serving private and public projects. Our company is an excellent choice for bulk loads of manufactured parts on a monthly basis to large companies. top

Personal Customer Service:

When you call our facility, you'll be speaking to us personally. Take advantage of the design and prototyping experience from our engineers. We do not outsource our customer service, and you can often be on the phone with the plant manager in two or three minutes. Contact us for an estimate today. top


Our experience in developing and pioneering specialized metal fabrications for our customers has made us solidly proficient at prototyping and design. Because we specialize in multiple industries and reap manufacturing expertise, we will be able to make your custom parts in the most cost-efficient manner. Additionally, we have launched our own product line, the portable podium and so we understand many of the struggles you go through in the development of your new products. We are always open to new challenges and we are constantly working to increase our metal fabricating skills and thereby reduce your costs as well as ours. Metal manufacturing is an art and a science; it's a science because we relentlessly seek efficiency; it's an art because we expect and respect your particular needs. top

Quality Management: ISO 9001

Berrien Metal Products has developed and produced premium metal fabrications for over 500 manufacturing, military, and general industrial companies. We've run thousands of jobs and thousands of part designs. We have outstanding deliverability and are ISO 9001 Registered. Our experience with reducing costs for our customers through long-run jobs is proven and reliable. With many long term customers, our metal fabrication services are low cost and high quality in this present world marketplace. Berrien Metal Products pursues improvement in every department. Roughly one tenth of company revenue is spent on new technology, renovations, improvements, & strategic market preparation. Our entire business model (prospect to job close) has been completely value streamed and most of our workflow is ERP managed & controlled. We maintain records and backups of all pertinent job data.