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*Now a member of the copper tube coils company group as of October 2009.

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Metal Products


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Metal Tubing Coils Manufactured to Your Print:

Berrien Metal Products, Inc. ® develops and manufactures custom metal tubing coils utilizing cutting, bending, forming, coiling, and end closure manipulation. Our large volume purchasing allows us in some cases to cut, form and deliver your metal coils for less cost than you would have in the material alone. Our service features include:


Metal Products

Prototypes with Technical Assistance (w/Volume Orders)

Materials include Aluminum, Stainless, Copper, or Mild Steel

Quantities High or Low

Tooling In-House

Buffering & Painting Upon Request

Discounts with Volume Orders

Rush Shipments in Many Cases

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Design Parameters and Process Capabilities:

Metal Products

Outside Diameters to .050" < .875"

Wall Thickness to .010" < .125"

Length Capability to 1.00' < 1500.00'

Cold Saw Cutting

Chamfering & Crimping

MIG, TIG, Spot Welding, & Brazing

Buffering, & Painting or Epoxy Upon Request

thick tubing coilOptional: Threads, Flanges, Valves, Finned, Minniaturized ( tube ID > .015")

Other Services: see Services List

Materials: see our Materials List

Equipment Abilities: see our Equipment List

Help: if you need any assistance designing your metal coils, contact us for more information.


Designs Manufactured by Berrien Metal Products Include:

End Closure Manipulation

  • deburred

  • open / rounded,

  • sharp / flattened

  • welded shut,

  • peirced,

  • swage & tapered

  • beveled,

  • threaded, etc.


Coil Types

  • Simple Tube Coils

  • Steel Tubing Coils

  • Stainless Steel Tubing Coils

  • Aluminum Tubing Coils

  • Copper Heat Transfer

  • Helical Coils

  • Nested Coils

  • Tube-In-Tube Coils

  • Tapered & Flat Spiral Coils

  • Other, etc.

lockheed martin copper coil

Welding & Brazing Capabilities

Metal Products

Thermal Bonding Types:

BMP's services include four welding catagories relevant to metal coils:


MIG Welding: strength bonding, additional material added, used with thicker fabrications


TIG Welding: intermediate strength, no additional material needed in the majority of cases


Spot Welding: small, less-intrusive welds, oftentimes used for decorative or delicate hardware


Brazing: thermal bonding of brass & coppers


More Information:

For a complete technical readout of all processes and capabilities, see our processes list.


Industries Utilizing Metal Coils that BMP Manufactures Every Day:

Metal Products

Heat recovery systems

Heat exchangers

Heating elements





Refrigerationmedium coil in tank




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Metal Products



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